Monday, October 17, 2011

set your dvr!

in one week, american teenagers spend
31 hours watching television,
17 hours listening to music,
10 hours online,
4 hours reading magazines,
& 3 hours watching movies.

that's almost eleven hours a day of media consumption.

& the collective message our young women & men
overwhelmingly get through that media is that
a woman's value & power lie in her youth, beauty & sexuality.

the documentary miss representation
challenges the media's extremely limited & frequently demeaning portrayals
of women & girls,
& exposes how the media contributes to the under-representation
of women in positions of power & influence in america.

today, the u.s. is 90th worldwide for women
in national legislatures.
women hold only 3% of executive positions
in american mainstream media, while
65% of women & girls have eating disorders.

the oprah winfrey network [own]
will air miss representation
this thursday, october 20th, @ 8p CDT,
followed by the doc club with rosie o'donnell.

rosie will talk with the filmmaker,
jennifer siebel newsom, about her movie
& the call-to-action campaign seeking to
empower women & girls to
challenge limiting labels in order to
fulfill their real potential.

not sure it's worth your dvr space? watch the trailer:

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Mrs. Blake said...

On my DVR and totally worth the space...won't be able to view it before I see you Fri, but for sure by next week. So glad you shared--thank you!

kriscard said...

of course, jb! i won't be watching until the wknd, either . . . maybe we can compare notes next week! as ever, thanks for reading & commenting - it flatters me so!! :)

Diana said...

Rats. I missed it. But I want every mom of a daughter that I know to see it. I've gotta find out where to see it again. So powerful. Thanks for sharing.