Tuesday, April 12, 2011

why i blog.

consider how fish swim & birds fly.
they do so because it is in their nature.
for it is the swimming & the flying
that makes them fish & birds.

likewise, it is the speaking of one's heart
that makes a human being human.

for even if no one hears us,
it is the act of speaking that frees us
by letting the spirit swim & fly
through the world.

~ mark nepo, the book of awakening ~

image source: rachel ann austin, birds & lupine.


ahufford said...

We are hearing and enjoying your words!

kriscard said...

thank you so much, my friend! & i'm so sorry i missed your fa presentation today - i've been waiting for three weeks to do an interview for a project i'm working on, & naturally, it finally happened today. i'm sure you were your usual amazing self. i wish i had been there!! :}

Hannah said...

That's lovely!