Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the new wonder [how she'll keep her top up] woman.

now, you know me.

of course i'm not going to let nbc/david e. kelly's
new wonder woman series come around next autumn
without some sort of mention.
i've just been mulling over my feelings about the whole thing.

because, well, you know me.

i can be rather a purist,
especially when it comes to cherished bits of my childhood.

i mean, i never really accepted anyone but farrah
as charlie's blonde angel.
i like cheryl ladd & all. but please.

so i'm a tad torn between my loyalty to lynda carter
[the original television wonder woman]
& my piqued interest in quirk-meister kelly's
spin [pun fully intended] on the amazonian icon.

so while i continue to work through my emotional superheroine baggage,
let's just chat about the costume.

it's been quite the controversy.

because there are real wonder woman purists,
the super-serious-big-bang-theory-dc-comics kind
of diana prince fans,
who are easily outraged & extremely outspoken
whenever someone messes with their sheroes.

so when they nabbed a peek at the new wonder woman's costume
[as modeled by selected lead actress adrianne palicki],

all manners of geek fury let loose.

& i'm with them.

seriously, latex pants?
demi-cup bustier?
& high-heeled blue [the original wore red] boots?

yeah, yeah. we know ginger rogers did everything
fred astaire did, except backwards & in heels,
& how terrific that was & all,
but it was also the 1930s.

how is a girl supposed to fight 21st-century evil using her powers of
super-strength, super-stamina, super-speed & super-agility
while wearing a poured-into-it, cheapo version
of a "sexy" hallowe'en costume?!?

well, the outcry from comicbook land was loud & oh-so-clear.
&, apparently, listened to by the show's producers.

because recent photo releases from the set
reveal some realistic changes to ww's threads.

pants a flexible, breathable material? check.
boots red? check. heels flat? check.
top wardrobe-malfunction-proof? well, you can't have everything.

so here's to double-stick tape,
to mixing gold & silver accessories,
& to the wonderfully womanly wonder woman –

long may she bring the amazon ideals
of love, peace & sexual equality
to a world torn by the hatred of men.

[yes, her actual mission statement, circa 1941.]

image sources: connect.in.com, the hollywood reporter.

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Susan K. Morrow said...

Well, call me an IM-purist, but I liked the spandex pants and the blue high-heeled boots. "Our" Lynda wore much less and fabulously! This young lady does look a little on the petite side, and I think high heels would have put a little "AM TOO" in the Amazonian. I am excited to see what this new show will reveal! Sweet!