Sunday, March 20, 2011

everyday awesome.

it's amazing what a difference
going to bed as soon as you're sleepy
+ sleeping until you wake up
can make.

three nights/days & i'm a new person.
a calmer person.
a clearer person.
a more confident person.

finally feeling my equilibrium
just in-between the full super moon & the equinox.


again, wishing bottling some of it
for later use were an option.

oh, well. of course, i guess i could
try this experiment within a home environment.

a crazy notion, but maybe just crazy enough to work.

anyway . . .

today i'm being inspired by
the everyday things that make up
the awesome stuff of life.
[thank you, cathy z!]

witnessing a just-born [fewer than five minutes ago]
calf being licked clean by its mama
[& being staunchly guarded by one of her girlfriends -
who knew cows could be menacing?].


getting to the grocery store just after
a new shipment of fresh produce has been put out.

chai latte w/skim.
rice krispies treats.

my iphone & its purple otterbox cover.

sleeping porches.
a darling new welcome mat.
before-&-after photos.

walking or running down a country road.
candied pecans.
spotting the first bluebonnet of the season.

pig races.
kettle corn.
riding the tilt-a-whirl with my kids.

pairing the perfect picture w/the just-right frame.

dogs. just dogs.

going to bed as soon as you're sleepy
+ sleeping until you wake up
[just can't extol this virtue/luxury enough!].

so, what slice of everyday awesome is inspiring you?

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