Friday, March 18, 2011


[holiday mashup alert] i heart st. patrick's day.

but not because i'm irish.
i'm german, through & through. yah.

sweet husband is closer . . . a proverbial uk melting pot -
british/irish/scottish/welsh -
but he doesn't relate especially to the irish piece,
however much of him it may or may not be.

& green isn't my favorite color,
though i like a vibrant spring green
[the color of my honda element, aka the happymobile].

& truth be told, i used to not enjoy st. patty's day
because i just didn't relate to it.
i mean, i enjoy an off-color brew as much as the next gal,
& i lerve me some rosie o'donnell,
but i just didn't feel it was my holiday to celebrate, you know?

until i began thinking about it as a holiday to celebrate & share & wish
good luck.

now, feeling lucky is something i can relate to.

so now i think of st. patty's day as a sort of
springtime thanksgiving.

a reminder to stop & smell the blessings of your life.

& for me, a shamrock is the perfect symbol -
a heart-shaped clover leaf each
for sweet husband, big girl & little boy . . .

my luckiest charms.
& a blessing bigger than a pot o' gold.

[i'm tempted to call them magically delicious,
but just for the pop-culture reference/chuckle, really.]

so, what are your top four clover-leaves of luckiness??

image source: coolclix.

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