Saturday, January 17, 2009

a hairy farewell.

Let's hear it for American ingenuity!

Thanks to the Huffington Post for coming across this hair-raising twist (*ouch!*) on all the Inauguration Day sales and specials being held in the great American tradition of "another excuse to try to make a buck."

This promo ad for New York City's Townhouse Spa and Beauty Bar, urging its target audience to "Say Good Bye to Mr. Bush" - your own personal "Mr. Bush" - with 40% off of a bikini or Brazilian wax, is definitely, um, bipartisan.

What do you know - eight years later, the guy's finally responsible for something positive for women.

[Incidentally: While I don't have a proper name for mine, I feel relatively sure it's a Ms. . . . ] ;D

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