Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the 'frozen' covers i just can't let go.

oh, i could just go on & on about the hilariously inexplicable
john travolta | adele dazeem gaff at the academy awards.
but the rest of the interwebs has beat me to that punchline
about a thousand times already. or almost 23 million [!] times,
according to a current search of google. oy.

while ms. dazeem did a wonderful job at the oscars
of performing the winning empower ballad let it go,
there have been countless covers of queen elsa's showstopper
bouncing about the same interwebs ...
some of them magnificently memorable & shuper share-worthy:

a musical parody from ohio traffic man bob herzog, urging cincinnati viewers to take a break from being cincinnati drivers during extreme winter weather:

a frozen/passenger mashup by youtube sensation sam tsui:

an amazing "africanized" version from nigerian singer alex boy√© along with utah’s one voice children’s choir:

the incredible vocalist/impressionist christina bianco's diva mashup:

& last but most, the original, extraordinary idina menzel along with jimmy fallon & the roots – with kiddie instruments:

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