Wednesday, August 15, 2012

kristin armstrong, olympic mama.

kristin armstrong
is not related to he of the seven tour de france triomphes,
but it doesn't mean she's not
a killer on the bike.

armstrong, a native of boise, idaho,
does what's known as "the race of truth" —
because, as armstrong puts it,
"it's just you against the clock."

just days before her 39th birthday,
armstrong won the gold in the women's individual time trial,
completing the 18-mile course almost 16 seconds faster than
silver medalist judith arndt of germany.

russia's olga zabelinskaya earned the bronze.

it was armstrong's third consecutive summer games
& her second consecutive time to win the gold —
though this time she earned the additional distinction of becoming
the oldest gold medalist in olympic cycling in a road event.

armstrong was a professional triathlete
until she was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hips;
forced to quit high-impact running, she turned to racing bikes.

she briefly retired from cycling three years ago
while pregnant with her son, lucas,
but returned to the sport last year.

& she broke her collarbone in may in a racing accident,
but had surgery & was back on the bike within a week.
she's one tough mama.

[above: lucas joined her up on the medals podium — olympic cuteness.] :)

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