Friday, July 13, 2012

god is a girl.

though nobody wants
to talk about it.
nobody wants to think
about it.
not even god.
he knows he's a guy, too.
he knows he's lots of things.
he's an eagle.
he's a tree.
on less than wonderful days
he's even a pig.
god's a lot of things.
but he likes his guyness best.
people who know him
know this,
so they always refer to him as "he."
sometimes they call him "bob."
he isn't sure why.
but god does guy stuff.
he wears guy cologne.
he listens to guy music.
he eats guy food.
god can't help it.
he wants to be a guy.
which is why,
whenever he gets the urge
to watch reruns of sisters,
he's embarrassed.
he lights a big cigar
and spits.

~ cynthia rylant ~

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