Thursday, June 30, 2011

new views for blogs.

growing weary of scrolling linearly through blogs??
well, sure. who isn't?

well, thank goodness for blogger's best-kept secret,
its dynamic viewing options.

seriously, this is pretty cool.
[even if you're not miley cyrus. which i'm not.]

you can view any site powered by blogger –
such as the one you're at right now –
five different ways: flipcard, mosaic [my fave],
sidebar, snapshot or timeslide.

click here to see skirting the issues in mosaic.
as you roll over the photos, the post titles will show;
click on a photo, & it expands to show the whole post.

see? pretty cool.

use the top right drop-down menu to change views.
use the left title drop-down menu to change blogs.

call up dynamic viewing options for any blog
by entering the regular url followed by /view.

special thanks to jessica jones' how about orange blog,
who let me in on all this pretty coolitude.

image source: blogger.

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