Wednesday, June 24, 2009

your daily sunshine.

Well, we just can't quit talking about the dang weather here in Austin, despite it being the same dang thing every day - and continuing to be for months to come, no doubt.

We've broken heat records here for the past two days - 105 today, and that's the actual temperature, not the heat index, which was probably up in the 1-teens - with no relief in sight. No wet. No cool. Hothothot and dryyyy. Forever . . . or 'til Christmas, whichever comes first.

And yes, we're definitely used to hot summers (as I like to quip, we've got two seasons: Summer [8-9 months] and Not Summer [whatever's left]), but this is pretty brutal, especially for June.

So, amid the sweating, fretting, whining and complaining all around us, my dear friend Susan sent me this little gem (and she is!) to give me a giggle (and it did!). Enjoy!!

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Susan K. Morrow said...

Oh! You posted it on your blog! Isn't that toooo precious!

As for the heat, since you wrote this, we have had a two-day respite, with lovely drizzling rain and temps only in the 80s. Ah, relief from the swelter. Helter swelter?