Tuesday, May 12, 2009

money for mama.

So the question is, does this make you feel a) gratified, because your work is worth so much, or b) despondent, because it's all theoretical anyway??

Salary.com, in honor(?) of mothers on Mother's Day, released its 9th annual mom salary survey this week. The group calculates this unreal remuneration by selecting ten jobs that closely match the multiple tasks moms typically do as moms (chief executive officer, computer operator, cook, daycare provider, driver, facilities manager, housekeeper, janitor, laundry service, psychologist), and surveying over 12,000 American moms to quantify their normal hours worked within each role every week.

For 2009, a stay-at-home mom does the work equivalent of a $122,732 salary, up 5% since last year, while a works-elsewhere-fulltime-mom does the work equivalent of a $76,184 second-job salary, up 11% since 2008.

The (fake) salaries rose from a year ago due to the fact that all moms are outsourcing less of the around-the-house jobs, therefore putting in much more "overtime" on their own. The survey says stay-at-homes work about 56 hours of overtime a week (a 96-hour workweek), while the work-elsewhere-fulltimes put in about 17 hours of overtime a week, in addition to their full-time hours as both employees and moms (a 97-hour workweek).


So, on a scale of 1 to 10 — 10 being you feel pleased as punch with all you achieve, 1 being you feel like lying down, preferably for two weeks under the covers — how do these calculations affect you and your self-image as a working (because clearly, we're all working!) mom??

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Susan K. Morrow said...

Well, I'll take either salary! I'm hopeful that the shift toward recalling the divine feminine and the divine-ness of women (divinity is a tasty candy) will someday bring true change, if not in money, in respect and, dare I say it, awe for the women of the world! Yes, every mother is a working mother.